Say YES! True Body Intelligence, by Amber Charne

It seems, like most things in life, it’s cyclical…my yoga practice that is. It develops, moves along, grows and evolves, and yes, plateaus and then in some way or another, the cycle starts all over again in a new form. In all truth, at times I feel very uninspired. Luckily, if I’m open to it, a new idea, inspiration or approach presents itself just at the right time, a breakthrough happens and my practice expands! The most recent occurrence of this experience for me was an introduction to the True Body Intelligence system of stretching and movement.

Throughout my yoga journey (which began in 2003 as a practitioner and 2007 as teacher), as I imagine with everyone else’s, there are those magical moments of a cue given in a class or in a training, by a particular instructor, where everything clicks. The way the instruction was offered, computed in my brain and body in a way that made sense and a posture I have taken a hundred times before is instantly transformed to serve me better. It’s one of those “A-HA moments and it is SO good!

Fortunately, three years ago when my sweetheart Isaiah introduced me to True Body Intelligence (TBI) I was in a space of saying YES. I was living with tons of pain in my body from an injury, limitation in my yoga practice and just feeling stagnant. After incorporating daily TBI stretches into my practice the instability in my back stabilized, I felt stronger, the pain in my back dissipated and my overall mobility increased. Not to mention the chitta vritti (chatter) in my head slowed and softened and the energy in my body felt more turned on and alive.

I have woven this approach of moving and stretching against an opposing resistance with stronger muscle contraction into my teaching since discovering TBI. I have witnessed people practicing more safely and less passively, causing less stress on their joints and experiencing more connection to their ‘whole’, in turn de-stressing their lives. I am incredibly passionate about sharing this to help people to move out of pain, alleviate discomfort in their body and minds, and cultivate more connection to self. I believe this system of stretching creates permanent change and offers ways to incorporate this change into their regular practice, at home and at the studio.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more of this practice at in our “Activate your Body and Deactivate your Stress” workshop at Yoga Mountain Studio on Sunday, September 22nd  from 1-4PM.

We will focus on really turning things on with TBI and then turn things off with an opposing practice of Yoga Nidra to regulate and heal the nervous system. I am especially excited to be offering this experience with Isaiah. Isaiah has studied intensively with his teacher and True Body Intelligence founder and creator Christopher Maher. He first worked on his own healing, completing all 4 levels of the teacher training (I have only completed level 1), assisted teaching numerous other TBI Trainings and currently has a private TBI practice, working with clients. Isaiah’s understanding of this system, of the human body, our physiology and our habit tendencies, is so deep. I can’t wait for him to share this wealth of knowledge with our community! The experience of TBI is multilayered, shining a light on the correlation between our emotional and psychological behaviors, and the energies within the internal organs, tissues and meridians of the body. Hope to see you in our upcoming Activate your Body and Deactivate your Stress Workshop on Sunday, September 22nd, from 1pm-4pm! Sign up here! 


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