Why the Yoga Class Schedule?

Dear YMS Community,


Our New Schedule starts on Monday, November 18th. I felt it was appropriate and in the spirit of community to post this letter about the changes.


Why the Yoga Class Schedule?

YMS was looking for ways to offer MORE to our growing yoga community and expanded teaching! Plus, we needed to consolidate our teaching roster. Employing 14-15 teachers in 32 slots did not have long-term sustainability for us as a business.


For this reason and others based on your feedback, we were inspired to create a new vision for YMS which included a smaller group of committed core teachers to facilitate our newly added yoga classes and yoga series.


Goals for the NEW Schedule are to:

  1. Offer evening classes at earlier times.
  2. Establish 2 NEW evening Therapeutic Yoga classes.
  3. Expand our morning class offerings.
  4. Create consistent class times and lengths.
  5. Add “Open Hours” for students to connect with their teacher 1-on-1.


These changes and additions are more optimal for the studio from a managerial perspective and for the financial health of the business. They also continue to support our commitment to high quality, affordable yoga taught by expertly trained yoga teachers who will NOW be more available to students!


This new schedule also opens up alternative time slots to offer unique yoga series with some of your favorite teachers who are not on the new schedule. We are currently coordinating with Ford to offer a Yoga Nidra series, Amber a Total Body Integration series, Rachael Breeze an Ayurveda and Cleansing weeklong, and Elizabeth a monthly Yoga & Meditation Series. These teachers will also be subbing classes at YMS regularly.


We appreciate your support!


Please reach out with any questions, we are here to assist you in any way that we can.



Sienna and Team YMS ~ Yoga is our Expertise

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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