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Learn yoga from the experts! With 35 classes a week, workshops, retreats, trainings, outdoor garden,
and healing space for yoga therapy right in heart of downtown Fairfax.

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"I created this gorgeous studio because our amazing yoga community was growing and ready for MORE. Now, the students are welcomed in the morning with soft light streaming in from the large garden windows. During the daytime, space serves as a refuge from our busy lives, and through the evening, it's a magical get-away with the tranquil moon shining through the skylights. Our space is not just bigger, brighter and more beautiful but we also have MORE classes, workshops, and training than ever before. I am ecstatic about this new location, the talented teachers and our committed community of yoga practitioners. With a warm welcome from all of us at Yoga Mountain Studio, please come and join us."

Sienna Smith, founder YMS

Why the Yoga Class Schedule?

Dear YMS Community,   Our New Schedule starts on Monday, November 18th. I felt it was appropriate and in the spirit of community to post this letter about the changes.   Why the Yoga Class Schedule? YMS was looking for ways to offer MORE to our growing yoga community and ...
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Joy Sassoon

Joy Sassoon

The staff is loving and dedicated to welcoming all bodies and types of students. The teachers are picked with care and safe alignment is given to prevent injuries. I have been a member for over 10 years and hope to have many more to come!

Elsy Alvarado

Elsy Alvarado

“I really love the therapeutic classes. Sienna makes us think about the muscles and I have to be more present in my body to move that slowly…it is extremely healing.”

Catherine Renno

Catherine Renno

“Yoga was a really good counter balance to my stressful job in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. And now that I have left that job, the tools I have learned in yoga continue help me throughout my life. Thank-you, Yoga Mountain Studio!”