Yoga for the FEET…“How do you walk in the world”? by Charlotte Hamilton

Feet! They are always with us and for that reason, it is easy to take our feet for granted.  Just by paying attention to your two heels, ten toes, and buoyant arches you can learn how they impact your capacity to stand and walk in the world on many levels.

If you look at the soles of your shoes you will see where you habitually bear the weight of your body. Conversely, if you look at your feet you can gather some interesting information about how your shoes are helping your developing bunions, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes!

The feet are the foundation of your posture and with proper attention, you can do a lot about their overall health.  So, ask yourself,…..”What would healthy feet look like?”  It is not really about how great your pedicure is, is it?  It is about aliveness, energy, and vibrancy. How do you feel in your feet?  What is the impact of feeling grounded?  Of feeling insecure?  How do these physical realities impact the rest of your body, your overall posture?

According to Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Rolfing, and Pilates, how you stand and WALK in the world really DOES matter.  And the health of your feet are literally at the bottom of it all!

“Feet are like the root of a tree.  If one can’t stand properly on one’s feet, one develops a negative attitude toward life…”              BKS Iyengar Light on Life

Charlotte Hamilton- 1000+ hours of training and over 10 years of full time teaching in NYC; alignment (Alison West, kula yoga project) and Vinyasa (Kula and Jivamukti).  Currently enrolled in a 9-month Iyengar institute training.  This particular Workshop stems from Debbie Green’s 2007 Bunions Workshop as well as heartening transformative private work)

Stay tuned for Charlotte’s next workshop, Spring Bandha Cleaning, Sunday, June 10th, 1-4 pm at  in Fairfax…Yoga is our expertise.

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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