Wishing Ribbon Ritual – Yoga for Changing Seasons

Wishing Ribbon Ritual - Yoga for Changing Seasons Is it really February or is it Spring

Are you confused with this “global” weather we are having lately?

Are you aware of how this is affecting your body? Your yoga practice?

We’re all aware of the 4 major seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. What many of us don’t know are the 4 magical “seasons within seasons” that offer us in-between opportunities for deeper awareness.

Each of these “mini-seasons” were as obvious to our ancestors as the standard 4 seasons are to us today. The difference is that our ancestors understood how to adapt and move through these magical times with knowledge for survival as normal as our morning alarm clock. Reclaiming this information for ourselves in 2018 can lead us into discovering not only lost ancestral traditions but more self-awareness and richness in our daily lives.

Starting with our Winter, we blossom into Spring. The mini-season that takes us through to that point is called, Imbolc. February begins to align itself with Imbolc and initiates what will become the abundance of new life carried through Spring. This is the time when the season starts to pull itself slowly from the cold embrace of Winter and crawl towards the ever warming Spring sunshine. It’s a time of hope and wonder, and of seeing the world through beginners eyes. When we take the time to see and experience things through the lens of this type of youthful optimism, it grants us access to endless possibilities.

This is what makes Imbolc the perfect time to set our intentions and resolutions for the year. When we align ourselves to the season in this way, our wishes & our intentions, grow alongside the energy of all that is coming to fruition outside ourselves. When we drop into this rhythm, we cultivate a foundation for a more sustainable and healthy life on the inside. It can feel like the difference between going with the flow or fighting your way upstream.

In practice, Imbolc is a great time to witness and honor all the small miracles of life with small rituals. The new blades of grass pushing their way up or the dandelion that’s managed to emerge from that crack in the concrete can inspire a moment of reflection, prayer or honoring with a special acknowledgment.

A ritual that I like to do each year uses “wishing ribbons” as a way to work with intentions & resolutions for the new year. I introduce this and other rituals into my practice to create a fuller, more enriching awareness of the wonder and magic of this time of year. Here is how I do it!

How to practice Wishing Ribbons Ritual

  1. Come up with potent words to help describe your intentions for the new season.
  2. Write them on colorful ribbons.
  3. Pick a tree that you may feel a special affinity for and tie the ribbons securely onto its branches.
  4. Let the fresh air and wind of Imbolc brush across your ribbon.
  5. Watch it dance and unfold your wishes out into the world!

This is just one way to celebrate this particular mini-season. Guess what..there are three more! And three more ways to create intention, ritual and help expand your awareness & light into your life and the world!

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