Whole-Hearted Happiness – Acroyoga! by Crystal Hatzimichael

It never fails to surprise me how Acroyoga positively impacts the lives of those who play.

I have been practicing Acroyoga since 2008 and have played with kids as young as 2 and as old as 66 . I have taught in different countries around the world and to cultures that are very foreign to me.  No matter the nationality, age, gender, language spoken, etc. I have found that this practice of creative, kind, supportive touch brings so much joy, or  “Whole-hearted Happiness”  to those observing and/or participating.

The benefits of Acroyoga are undeniable and can not only be created spontaneously, but they are portable and can be taken anywhere. All one needs is a friend to play with and incredible memories/experiences can be made.

Every Acroyogi remembers their first time doing Acro because in that moment, their life changed.  They allowed another person to hold and move them safely through the air. and thereby, allowing themselves to put trust in that other person.
My first time doing Acroyoga was with a complete stranger! She was a woman much smaller and shorter than me and yet she moved me through the air seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly.

My mind was completely blown!

Here she had single-handedly dismantled the image I had of myself and what I thought was possible. How could a tiny woman flip me around so easily? Aren’t I too heavy to fly?  It felt so therapeutic to be supported, massaged, touched and to be spoken to in such a gentle, yet direct way. Something abnormal happened while flying with her.  As I mentioned, we had never met and had never had a conversation and yet I felt extremely connected to her as if I knew her.  Oddly enough this phenomenon kept happening! With almost any Acro partner I played with, a deep connection/trust continued to occur.  I soon realized that Acroyoga inherently bonds people together. Through the laughter, awkwardness, attempts, successes, failures and stumbles, two people create a trust that binds them.

So naturally, many of the people I have met doing Acro have become my dearest and closest friends. We experience a genuine whole-hearted connection that leads to happiness. And now, I expect to meet all my new best friends at every workshop I teach. Through playfulness, the benefits of openness, clear communication, strength/flexibility and community come as part of the practice. I look forward to seeing YOU at my next Acroyoga Workshop.

Crystal Hatzimichael
Crystal has devoted herself to teaching many different aspects of yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts. 
She helps students build safe, loving and supportive communities through play.

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ACRO-yoga for Beginners
Sunday,  July 22
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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  • Yoga Mountain

    June 6, 2018

    this should be a really fun workshop, Crystal and right in time for summer play!

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