True Body Intelligence (TBI) by Amber Charne

Activate your Body and Deactivate your Stress

It’s almost hard to remember now how much physical pain I was living in, and it was only two and a half years ago! My “norm” for eight years was severe chronic pain symptoms in my sacrum and hips. I was waking in extreme discomfort which limited my every movement, prohibiting me from many of the activities I used to know and love, like running and sadly, even yoga! My yoga practice was restricted due to this sacral/hip instability, imbalance, and injury. I began to notice that every time I got on my mat and did a practice that started off feeling delicious, I suffered afterward. It became apparent that the postures my body knew so well, and that I had loved for years, now aggravated my condition. So, my yoga became my meditation practice instead of an asana practice (with the exception of some restorative and very gentle yoga experiences). until I found TBI!

True Body Intelligence (TBI) is a system of stretching that uses resistance to help you pull out stress, tension, toxicity and trauma from your soft tissues, fascia and nervous system. Physically, stretching with resistance frees/opens dense tissues where there is stagnation, thereby increasing the circulation of blood, lymph, and bio-electricity. Using all three phases of contraction in this way increases flexibility and rebuilds fascia, freeing up the pain and dysfunction, which leads to healthier tissues. Mentally and emotionally, these exercises help reintegrate stagnant energies, negative patterns, and emotions, thereby returning a balanced, high functioning and authentic state of being. And, spiritually the purpose of TBI is to support a healthy tone in the nervous system. To wake us up to who we truly are.

When I was first introduced to this system of stretching, strengthening and healing, I began with a series targeting the glute medius muscles. These are the muscles responsible for our body’s ability to externally rotate our hips, which correlates with ease in twisting, balancing and stabilizing. When the glute medius is not “firing” or doing its job – often as a result of all the time we spend sitting, etc. in this culture – it results in lack of lateral mobility, decreases balance and stability and creates excess force on the knees, ankles and low back, leading to pain.

I committed to a 20-minute sequence for 30 sessions. By the end of the 30 days my low back, sacral, hip pain had completely shifted. It wasn’t that it was entirely absent, but I could again do all the things I hadn’t done in years!

Six months later, in the summer of 2016, I delved further into more TBI exercise and participated in the level one practitioner’s training to receive a certificate so I could start sharing this method with others. This blew my mind! The amount of discomfort that I experienced and witnessed in the others in this program, to achieve some sort of breakthrough in the physical, mental and/or emotional bodies was beyond anything I could have ever have expected. By the time I left the week-long workshop, so much had shifted not only in my own body but in all the other participants as well. And aside from the personal breakthroughs, we all shared in each others process and through this sharing, we became a very close-knit Sangha (community).

Since then I have co-taught several TBI 1-day workshops and 5-day retreats with my Love, the incredibly gifted Isaiah Fliessbach, and in each one of these experiences, I witness profound release, tangible transformation and deep connection occur among the participants.

What I love most about the approach of this system is that the changes are permanent! My back and hips have never returned to the heightened state they were in for all those years before I began this glute stretches against resistance. If I ever feel a mild familiar sensation of discomfort reminiscent of what once was, I just get on the floor and do my “Glutes” and my body is stable and happy again! The best part of it all is that the changes that TBI stretching have offered my body have allowed me to return to my asana practice with strength and health! I am so passionate about weaving in the activation of TBI’s approach to stretching into my yoga instruction, so to offer others the opportunity to stretch safely!!

Come join me and Muriel Murphy in our workshop, Activate your body and De-Activate your STRESS. Saturday, September 29th, 1:30-4:30 PM and see if these practices are helpful to you too.  Namaste

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