Spring “Bandha” Cleaning by Charlotte Hamilton

During the workshop, we will stretch, compress, twist and uplift the abdomen.  We will do this with breath and bodywork, asana, pranayama, kria, and bandha.  Experientially we clarify which abdominal muscles do what, how the psoas and diaphragm relate, how many diaphragms you have, what the health of the belly has to do with the health of the spine, and also a Kula Yoga sequence merging bandha work with vinyasa flow (kudos to Schuyler Grant). 

Post-workshop you are primed to dive deeper into an Ayurvedic Cleanse which is offered separately.  

You will be finished with your Summer Renewal before THE SUMMER EQUINOX entering the fullness of summer with a grounded, centered and cleared internal space.

You can sign up for the cleanse or workshop independently.  

The workshop will be followed by 30 mins Q/A with Charlotte regarding the cleanse (eg: how to make your own almond milk ).  Book your workshop directly with Yoga Mountain Studio.com
Cost $50 or $40 for Moms signing up in May…They get a discount! 
Booyour cleanse directly with Claire at Vidya Living. The cost is $95

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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