Yoga Mountain Studio


Sienna Smith RYT

Owner of Yoga Mountain and Yoga Therapist

Your body is a temple that houses your soul ~ if you treat it with great love and respect it will serve you all of your days.   It is time to love your beautiful body  no matter what condition it is in for it is a gift.  Whether you have an old recurring injury, chronic pain, stress or just want to experience how strong, clear and flexible you can be ~ I can be your guide and support.

Yoga is an incredibly empowering mindfulness-based practice that will teach you how to be your own healer. Through guided yoga therapy, you come to know the inner and outer landscape of your body and mind. Your openness and dedication to receive the teachings are all you need!

My Background

Yoga’s ability to heal the body became strikingly clear to me after I was immobilized and could not get out to bed at the age of 25. That is when I decided to try yoga. Over the last 15 years I learned yoga techniques that have helped me through many of life’s challenges. I have developed a unique blend of yoga postures, breath, meditation and self-care practices that bring harmony to the body and psyche. My life experience has given me a unique perspective of pain and injury, and I will share my secrets to regaining mobility, healing trauma and coming back to LIFE in a powerful and centered way.

I have gratefully received 1,000′s of hours of training by two of the top yoga therapists in the country Gary Kraftsow of ViniYoga and John Friend of Anusara Yoga. I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life to studying and offering personalized yoga.  I am a full-time Yoga Therapist ~ it is what I love and one the greatest passions in my life.

I have worked with hundreds of clients (see my testimonials page) who have seen everyone from physical therapists to chiropractors and are now happily getting results through my methods.

What to Expect

sienna adjusting

There are six principles of alignment, and they are both accessible and universal. I will share these  life-affirming principles with you as they specifically apply to you. This is not a cookie-cutter approach like some therapies. It is an expertly refined and creative practice that I design  with your needs and goals in mind.

During our sessions I will build a program that includes a personalized daily yoga practice with asana (postures), breath, meditation and other self-care practices that will serve your health and healing. I ask that you do the practice 5-6 times a week. Practices are between 20-30 minutes long. Many clients say how amazed they are that such a short daily practice can produce positive and lasting results. The key to healing is daily practice and if your practice is appropriate, clear and concise  then it can be short yet potent. The first step is deciding that you are completely tired of suffering and that it is now your time to have a vibrant body and mind.

Next Step

Yoga when prescribed and performed properly, is a path to healing on all levels. First session with full intake and starter home yoga program is $120 and 90-minutes. Follow up sessions are $95 for 75-minutes.  Package of 3 sessions is $285 (SAVE $25) and includes 2 home practices and phone/email support. Cash & checks only please.  

Visit my website for testimonials and info. Call (415) 246-8002 to schedule a session.