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New Location Now Open in the Heart of Fairfax!


Students of all levels are STEP into the empowering practice of YOGA.  

YOGA provides a practical and effective way to deal with the roller coaster of life.  Our teachers are your well-trained guides and offer you individual attention so you can practice safely and progress quickly.  Our studio is comfortably warm (72-75 degrees) where you can safety stretch and strengthen your body.  Our bamboo flooring, large windows and friendly community provide a naturally inviting and welcoming environment to practice yoga.  Read our testimonials below to see why students practice at Yoga Mountain Studio.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio. Small, intimate setting. Caring and experienced teachers. Highly recommend. Armanda Barone

Joining YMS was the best thing I have done for myself and hubby in a long time! for the membership fee, I get at least a million dollars worth and … Studio always is clean, smells fresh , and is such a warm community~ I will continue to come as much as possible, as it’s my “Soul” place to go to.  Joy Sasson

The minute I walked into Yoga Mountain Studio it was calming and energizing. It has a great feel to it and the classes are amazing. Thanks for being a big part of the community.  Donna Amo

Yoga mountain Studio is a neighborhood gem. A beautiful studio with excellent teachers and a real sense of community.  Anon

After only my very first class at Mountain Yoga, I am absolutely thrilled with my experience! The staff was wonderful and very helpful to me as a newbie. My classmates were lovely and supportive as well! They really cultivate a loving, accepting and friendly environment. I look forward to my future journey with Mountain.  Bridget Butler

What makes Yoga Mountain such a special place is the quality and grace of the owner, staff and people. It is a special community creating a progressive, yet warm environment where people can grow their practice and themselves.  Anon

What a wonderful place to practice. Teachers are exellent. You get more than an asana practice and learn the true meaning of community at Yoga Mountain. Fairfax is lucky to have such a great studio.  Tamela Smith

SCP_7916About Yoga

Why do so many people practice yoga? Most say they just FEEL better when they do yoga. We all want to feel happy, healthy, and strong. Yoga gives us access to a natural well-spring of energy and vitatlity that other physical, mental or spiritual practices do not. Yoga not only makes our physical body strong but our mind clear and our heart open. Scientific studies prove the many benefits of doing yoga on a regular basis. Come in and experience it for yourself. Everyone can do yoga!

Space Rental

Yoga Mountain offers space rental for events and groups that are dedicated to holistic healing practices such as dance, yoga, meditation, devotional music, etc. Hourly rental is $75 with a minimum of 2 hours. Please include set up and clean up time in your rental time. The studio is generally available outside of regular class and workshop times. Please see the class schedule for possible openings. Our brand new beautiful location has bamboo flooring and can fit up to 50 yoga mats or 90 people seated. The rental includes use of all Yoga Mountain props; mats, blankets,  bolsters, blocks, straps and the stereo with iPod hook up. Send inquiries to the studio email.