DeActivating Stress through (SAY )and Restorative Yoga by Muriel Murphy

Thanks for tuning in to read my story about how Self Awakening Yoga (SAY) and Restorative Yoga has
been a Healing platform and helped me to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love.

For years, I was feeling low to medium levels of Anxiety-Depression-Stress and pretty extreme
Sleeplessness as my biggest challenge. I was seriously suffering from all these symptoms, due to life’s
transitions, my divorce, a big move from NorCal to Central America/Costa Rica. And I was heading into
my menopause years. I am 54 years old now, and I can honestly say through dedication and commitment
to self-care, my stress levels have lowered considerably.

Self Awakening (SAY) and Restorative Yoga serve as a way to manage and overcome these unpleasant
feelings. That’s why I call these modalities, the ‘new power yoga’.

These stress symptoms were linked in my nervous system, and I could feel them bubble up when I was
triggered by fears, unbelonging, loneliness, uncertainty or grief. Once I committed to a daily practice of
SAY I noticed the bouts of symptoms occured farther apart and with less intensity. SAY had a euphoric
effect on me, almost hypnotic. I remember distinctly one day after taking a SAY class in Costa Rica
taught by my dear friend, Janel Schullo. I had space in my mind to slow down enough to approach my life
with presence and more care. When previously, I was caught in a limbic brain trance that kept looping me
back to old ways of thinking that were simply not true, and SAY was my way off the limbic brain trance

This isn’t to say that I never feel unpleasant feelings, it just means that I witness myself in it and
have a better chance of caring for myself with honesty, and not defaulting to unhealthy behaviors.
I found Restorative Yoga to be a sure fire way to calm my nervous system to prepare me for a restful nights
sleep. Setting up conditions for calm, I keep a prop set up for ‘Legs up the Wall’ ready and waiting for
me to use before bedtime or if insomnia hits in the middle of the night.

Daily practice is the key to cultivating positive change, especially when it comes to calming the nervous
system and decreasing stress levels. This what I love about Yoga, and to share with others, because most people I meet and know have stress.

Come join me and Amber Charne in our workshop, Activate your body and De-Activate your STRESS. Saturday, September 29th, 1:30-4:30 PM and see if these practices are helpful to you too. This is my greatest, most fulfilling gift of service.

See you on the MAT!

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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