A Nourishing Half-Day Retreat on the Cusp of the Holidays By Jessica O’Connell

Imagine heading into the holiday season filled with gratitude and contentment, grounded, nourished, connected to your community and inspired to stay true to what matters most in your life.

Salute the Sol is here to help!

On Sunday, November 18, my partner Jessi Hunt and I will lead you on a dynamic and compelling journey to cultivate gratitude and Santosha (contentment) through yoga, meditation, introspective activities, meaningful group interactions and sustainable reflection.

In this nourishing half-day women’s retreat, you will experience the benefit of an energizing Vinyasa Yoga practice followed by the opportunity to learn practical and inspiring tools to extend that magic off the mat and integrate it into your life.

We begin the day with a dynamic Vinyasa practice featuring skillful alignment instruction, hands on assists and music. After Yoga we will gather in the beautiful garden to enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch together. Following lunch we will meet back in the studio for a guided meditation. 

Then when are hearts and bodies are open, we are nourished and feeling grounded and present, we transition into the inspirational Sol Circle workshop. 

In this “Sol Circle” we will share a dialogue about what it means to cultivate santosha, or contentment. This practice takes us inward to reflect on what we truly need to be happy and at peace. Then it allows us to look at the world around us in a new light to see the abundance that is given to us in each day. We will have group learning, small group breakouts, time for reflective journaling and finally an opportunity to share back our discoveries with the group as we strengthen our community and cultivate gratitude.

Our goal is for you to come away feeling motivated and content with more energy to thrive and to set a powerful, sustainable intention to enter the holidays aligning your values with your goals.

In fact, a previous Salute the Sol participant Julie has this to say about her experience:

“You created the perfect balance of a strong vinyasa, meditation, fellowship, and inner /outer work of soul searching and beginning the process of opening to our fullest potential together in a safe and nurturing space. Thank you.”

Please join us on November 18. The early bird pricing ends on October 18, so sign up soon on the Yoga Mountain Studio website or front desk. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and find more information on Salute the Sol and us here:www.salutethesol.com

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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