3 Yoga Tips for Beginners

yogamat26f-4-webWhat’s in a pose?

It’s not easy to step into a class for the first time. In fact, I don’t actually remember how I got into my very first yoga class! What I DO remember was at the end of class, I felt peaceful. And THAT inner connection to something quiet and calm within me has kept me coming back ever since.

Now, 25 years later, I teach yoga to all levels of students.  Many show up for that very same reason, that connection to something peaceful inside. It is a joy to encourage each new student to take that first step. Let’s get started!

You don’t have to be an Olympic gymnast, in fact its better if you aren’t!  Coming with an open mind to experience a new practice is the absolute best. The experienced yogis in class are actually trying to get back to the “beginners mind” and luckily you have what they want! That genuine curiosity, the desire to explore and enjoy the gifts yoga will bring. Its like Christmas everyday on the mat for a person new to yoga. A new opening, a new insight everyday.  

Yoga uses postures, or asana as they are called in Sanskrit, to deepen your connection to your body. When you practice feel your muscles working, hear your breath, and try to balance effort with relaxation in each pose. Take note of what feels good and what does not. Become the master of YOU.  Feel free to share your experience with your teacher– they LOVE hearing what is working for you and what is not. Reach out, don’t be shy, they are here to help. Furthermore, they can help you make adjustments to your postures so they fit you like a glove. 

What to wear & what gear do I need?

I joke that yoga is one of the cheapest sports. You can literally walk of the street and come to class.  Yoga Mountain has mats to rent, but if you have one — bring it because it has your good juju on it. For clothing,  stretchy is good but comfortable is better. Socks will keep you warm but barefoot will keep your feet stable on the mat. Props are a part of most yoga classes, and Yoga Mountain has enough props to supply a small yoga army! Once you set your mat down grab yourself a wool blanket, a couple of cork blocks and a strap to begin. Props help you attain good alignment, make poses easier and sometimes they are used strategically to make poses harder!  If your lucky the teacher will get out the yoga chairs.  Props are part of the fun. 

When to arrive?

Your practice starts the minute you step in the door.  Arriving 10-15 minutes early will allow time to remove your shoes, turn off your cell phone and take a breath. Introduce yourself to your teacher and let her/him know of any physical issues you may be having. Eventually you can sign-in online and skip the line.   Getting there early gives you time to say “Hi”  to your neighbor and feel comfortable in your surroundings.

251532_2036163016814_1371215_nYoga Mountain offers new student specials- make sure to check them out online. We know how awesome yoga is, and we want to help you jump on the mat as soon as possible.  

As with starting any new exercise program you may want to check with your doctor if you have injuries or medical conditions to know how best to proceed.  Make sure you hydrate well and modify postures as needed.  We respect that this is your body and your practice.  Our teachers are experts and are here to help. 

If you any questions please reach out to me at Yoga Mountain Studio 415-459-9642. 

See you on the mat!
Linda Prosche
Asst. Manager of YMS
Yoga Teacher

Yoga Mountain

Yoga Mountain

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